Joanna Twum |  Ghana |  work on this dream

Joanna Twum | Ghana | work on this dream

Entrepreneur | future sociologist

I believe in society and its maintenance. I believe humans are at the heart of this world and if we are broken, the world is broken.

I am Joana Twum, CEO of JUB; born and raised in Accra, Ghana. I am a young and exuberant woman who is optimistic and likes to help people. My journey in my pearl business has not been easy, but fulfilling. It takes a lot of determination and perseverance. One of the toughest fights I had to decide if I was going to quit school for a while and focus fully on my business, but my family and friends helped me a lot. They encouraged me to do what I love, so I took a stand. It took a lot of self-motivation and individual determination to find me and focus on what I wanted to do due to the environment I grew up in. But gradually, I realized that my environment should not be an obstacle. I held on and mastered my game. As human as I am, sometimes I feel tired and want to give up so I remember my goals for my business. They are basically to help solve donation problems and people. That’s what inspires me in life because it’s solving a problem.

What books are you currently reading?

I love to read and sometimes I also watch inspiring documentaries. Example: I was watching one of Oprah Winfrey’s shows and what she said was “If something has to be done, then it has to be done well.” In short, this is what keeps me going. Other than that, I believe the mind produces what you feed, so you have to feed it positivity so you can reap positivity.

What advice would you give to a future young or local and international talent?

My little advice to people is not just to dream but to work on that dream.

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Instagram: gh_jub_ & Joanna_twum

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